Derbyshire Groundsmans Association Autumn Zoom Meeting

The Derbyshire Groundsman’s Association held an Autumn meeting via zoom to provide updates and guidance to its members.

Julien Morris of the Grounds Management Association covered four main topics and answered questions.

Here is the video to watch:

Running order of the video:

1.00 – 3.00 mins          Mick Glenn with news from the DCF

3.20 – 16.10 mins        Autumn aeration

16.20 – 34.30 mins     Worm control

34.30 – 40.30 mins     Autumn and Winter diseases

40.30 – 50.00 mins     Fertilisation

50.00 – to the end      Q&A’s

The questions covered in the final section were varied and covered the following in order:
I haven’t been able to do end of season renovation yet, is it too late and what can I do now?
I get red thread on my pitch, is it important to get rid of it or can I ignore it?
I struggle to get rid of clover, can you help?

I want to add a new pitch to my square, given that loam is so expensive what’s the minimum depth I can get away with?

Our pitch is next to the river and there’s only about 8 inches of soil., then shale, how can I improve it?

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