Safeguarding Committee

The Safeguarding Committee will be chaired by a trustee with board-level accountability for Safeguarding and Welfare, and its role will include:

  • To monitor, on behalf of the board, incidents relating to safeguarding and welfare across cricket in Derbyshire.
  • Identify emerging safeguarding and welfare trends and themes, and with the County Safeguarding Officer, ensuring appropriate actions are in place to address them.
  • Monitor provision and participation in training and compliance programmes relating to Safeguarding & Welfare.
  • Ensuring the County Safeguarding Officer has support and resources in place to effectively carry out their duties, and meet any requirements specified by the ECB.
  • Assist the County Safeguarding Officer in developing deployment plans in Derbyshire for any new ECB safeguarding and welfare programmes.
  • Provide updates and recommendations to the Board of Trustees on matters relating to Safeguarding & Welfare.

Members: Bob Blenkinsop (Trustee & Chair of Safeguarding Committee), Richard Wood (Head of DCF), Mick Glenn (Manager, Clubs & Leagues, DCF), Angela Gregson (County Safeguarding Officer, Cricket Derbyshire)

Meeting Frequency: Twice a year

Last Meeting: January 2021

Next Meeting: October 2021

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