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#AGameForEveryone Blog – 1st Edition (October 2022)

Creating a good first impression – how welcoming is your club?

Our first #AGameForEveryone Blog, provides insight and ways of developing a more inclusive and welcoming cricket club. Joining a cricket club can be a life-changing experience. For many of us it has provided access to a community and lasting friendships that has changed our lives for the better. For those of us who have enjoyed such positive experiences, it can sometimes be easy to forget that for others joining a new club can be quite daunting, particularly if they’re new to the game or returning after a long absence, or if they are different in some way to the majority of people at the club. First impressions are important, and in this short article we look at some practical steps you can take to help make a positive first impression which can help attract and retain new members.

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