Derbyshire Cricket Foundation 2024 Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Plan

At the Derbyshire Cricket Foundation, we are committed to our mission to inspire a generation to say ‘Cricket is a Game for Me’. Today we publish our 4th annual Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Plan which sets out our commitments to creating inclusive environments, removing barriers to participation, tackling discrimination and widening participation among under-represented groups.

 Richard Wood, Managing Director said;

“We truly believe that cricket is a game for everyone and it can connect communities and improve lives. Cricket has the power to unite and bring people together from diverse backgrounds. Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) is integral and imperative to our core purpose. It is our responsibility to identify barriers that may prevent people accessing the game or feel welcome, and take action to address them”.

“In November 2023 we published our 7 commitments to making cricket A Game for Everyone and we embarked on a consultation to help shape our 2024 action plan. We heard the views and lived experiences of a wide range of stakeholders which has been invaluable in shaping our plans”.

“Our 2024 Equity, Diversity and Inclusion plan will build on the work we have already done and address barriers to participation head on. We are proud of the progress we have made over the previous three years, but we recognise that there is much still to be done in our bid to become the most inclusive team sport. Our plan is built on insight and strong foundations and we believe our plan sets out strong action to combat discrimination and inequalities that exist in the game today”.

To download our 2024 EDI Action Plan, please click here.

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