Reporting Discrimination

Reporting Discrimination

Discrimination of any kind is unacceptable, and The Derbyshire Cricket Foundation (DCF) and the ECB are committed to taking all allegations of discrimination within cricket very seriously. If you experience or witness discrimination of any type at any level of cricket in Derbyshire, we want to hear from you. Whatever discrimination you are aware of or have witnessed, your report will be reviewed and dealt with by the relevant cricket organisation. Reporting and addressing discrimination will help us to ensure that cricket is a welcoming and inclusive game for everyone.

How to report discrimination

Members of cricket clubs who have witnessed or experienced discrimination may wish to raise this with a designated official within their cricket club in the first instance, where appropriate. Alternatively, you may wish to raise the matter directly with the DCF or the ECB.  You can choose whether to report discrimination anonymously or to provide your name and contact details.

You can report discrimination to the Derbyshire Cricket Foundation by clicking here and completing the reporting form. The information you provide will be bound by our Privacy Notice. Based on the information you share with us, we may need to investigate and share with another cricket organisation or an individual(s). If you provide your name and contact details, we will discuss this information with you first, and confirm next steps, before we take any further action.

Details of how the personal data you provide will be used, protected and shared can be found in our Reporting Discrimination Privacy Notice, Click Here

You can also report discrimination directly to the ECB by clicking the following link: Report Discrimination to the ECB

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