Derbyshire Cricket Grounds Association

The Derbyshire Cricket Grounds Association (DCGA) was formed in 1999 by the Derbyshire Cricket Board with the aims of promoting the role of cricket ground staff for the benefit of cricket in Derbyshire.

Currently, Steve Hart of Sandiacre is the Chair, and Keith Redfern of Duffield is the secretary.

Since its formation, the association has negotiated discounts for members with pitch care products to help to reduce the costs to clubs with loam, seed, and fertilisers.

The association can give details of machinery repairers and suppliers who have regularly provided quality service to members over the years.

Members can also access the following benefits:

  • Ongoing support with ground enquiries
  • Regular newsletters throughout the year
  • 3 face to face meetings per year with CPD opportunities and
  • Access to DCGA equipment trailers containing machinery for end of season renovations and aeration.  There is a small charge to cover the maintenance of the equipment.
  • Access to two mowers that have a mowing cassette and a verticutter cassette for verticuting pitches, and to a further mower for emergency use. This is a free service
  • Support from an ECB Pitch Advisor
  • Training courses for new Groundstaff. These are run on an as-required basis.
  • Talbot Turf relationship- The DCGA has a relationship with Talbot Turf that allows for clubs to make purchases directly from Talbot Turf with a discount in the region of 10% compared to other suppliers. Talbot Turf will deliver your order to your club on the specific date and time slot requested and will transport it next to your square for ease of access.

The annual subscription for the association is £30.00 and all Derbyshire County Cricket League members have their subscriptions included in their league subscriptions.

You can contact the association by emailing

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