DCF Sub-Committees

The Derbyshire Cricket Foundation Ltd’s Governance Statement (March 2020) identifies four sub-committees of the Board. Sub-committees of the Board will assume delegated powers from the Board relating to specific subjects. This will include a Nominations Committee, and an Audit Committee, which will meet at least annually. It will also include a Safeguarding Committee and a Charitable Funding Committee that should meet at least bi-annually.

The Chair of the DCF will exercise discretion on any matters arising from these sub-committees which he/she considers appropriate to include within any resolution at a full Board meeting.

The responsibilities of these sub-committees can be found on each of their respective pages of the website. Please click the relevant Sub-Committee below for more information:

DCF Safeguarding Committee

DCF Nominations Committee

DCF Audit Committee

DCF Charitable Fundraising Committee

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