Our trustees are the key to the Derbyshire Cricket Foundation's success by supporting the work towards helping the people of Derbyshire.

The Derbyshire Cricket Foundation’s trustees bring a wealth of experience to the Foundation, with each trustee able to add valuable varied input from their differing backgrounds.

They align perfectly with the Foundation’s core aims and objectives, as all trustees share a great passion for helping to improve the lives of young people in Derbyshire.


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The Derbyshire Cricket Foundation’s projects use the power of sport, and specifically cricket,  to engage, inspire and motivate individuals to achieve and live positive and healthy lifestyles.

The Foundation prides itself on setting out to achieve its core aims and objectives to help lives of the people in Derbyshire. Some of the key objectives are listed below:

  • The promotion of community participation in healthy recreation for the benefit of the inhabitants of Derbyshire by the provision of facilities for playing cricket.
  • To act as a resource for young people living in Derbyshire by providing advice and assistance and organising programmes of physical, educational and other activities
  • To advance the arts in Derbyshire for the public benefit
  • To provide a positive learning environment building confidence, self-esteem and ambition to succeed.
  • To provide an inclusive range of projects and activities engaging with hard-to-reach groups improving community cohesion.
  • To develop cricket talent pathways, empowering leaders, coaches and volunteers.

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The Derbyshire Cricket Foundation uses the power of sport to educate, motivate and inspire children, young people and adults living in Derbyshire. Whatever the age, gender, religion or ability, we want to make a lasting and positive impact on individuals’ lives.

Become a sponsor for the Derbyshire Cricket Foundation today and see the difference you can make on young cricketers’ lives in Derbyshire.

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