DCF Response to ICEC Report

Derbyshire Cricket Foundation (DCF) remains firm in our commitment to ensuring cricket is a game for everyone, and in our resolve that it must be free of discrimination of any type.  We acknowledge the importance of the report released today by the Independent Commission for Equity in Cricket (ICEC), and fully support the commitment of the England & Wales Cricket Board to take action in response to the report. We are grateful to those who have come forward to share their experiences in cricket, and we will learn from those experiences outlined in the report, as we work with stakeholders across cricket in Derbyshire to make sure the game is accessible, welcoming, and inclusive. Widening participation in the game and inspiring a generation to say “cricket is a game for me” has been the cornerstone of the DCF strategy for several years. Our commitment to this has been demonstrated by the positive action we have taken to increase participation among under-represented groups, but we acknowledge that there is more still to do to address barriers that prevent people accessing the game or feeling welcome.

DCF Chair, Bob Blenkinsop, said: We welcome the publication of the ICEC report. This is an important moment for the game, and the DCF is fully committed to continue working closely with the ECB, Derbyshire County Cricket Club, and clubs, leagues, and other stakeholders across the county to address the issues included in the report. Cricket can connect communities, improve lives, and help bring people of diverse backgrounds together. It is apparent that for too many people that hasn’t always been the case. Some have faced barriers to participation, and others have not felt welcome. We apologise to anyone who has ever been excluded from cricket in Derbyshire or made to feel like they don’t belong. 

“We need to consider the contents of the report we have received today in more detail before outlining our full response to it, but we are committed to learning from the report and taking action. Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) is integral and imperative to our core purpose, and we will be reviewing and updating our existing EDI action plan to reflect the ICEC findings and the ECB response to it.”

Discrimination of any kind is unacceptable. The Derbyshire Cricket Foundation (DCF) and the ECB are committed to taking all allegations of discrimination within cricket very seriously, and to ensuring they are managed in a timely and sensitive manner. Anybody who has experienced discrimination in cricket can report it to us or the ECB via our website. We will also assist Clubs and leagues in Derbyshire needing to respond to any alleged breaches of the ECB Anti-Discrimination Code, though our new Anti-Discrimination Support Panel. More information on the panel can be found here, and any club or league requiring assistance should contact the DCF Managing Director, Richard Wood, in the first instance.

To read the full ICEC report on Equity in Cricket, please click here.

To read the ICEC Executive Summary, please click here.

To read the ICEC Recommendations, Please click here.

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