Lord Taverners School Programme

As part of the Lord Taverners we offer disability coaching to schools all around Derbyshire.

Table Cricket

Table cricket is an adapted version of cricket which is usually played on a table tennis table or similar, there is a ramp for the bowler to use in order to deliver the ball, a small bat for the batters to hit the ball, and then some fielders that can be moved around to try and stop the ball from hitting the scoring zones. They can get 2, 4 or 6 runs by hitting the ball into the zones while trying to avoid the fielders.

Our aim is to get as many children with disabilities involved in cricket as we can and with table cricket this allows any child with a disability to be able to have a go and enjoy the sessions. For the schools that we provide these sessions to, they are able to enter our table cricket competitions in the new year (February/March) where they get the chance to compete against other schools. This gives them the opportunity to play competitively as well as just for fun!


We also offer softball cricket skills, working on batting, bowling , catching, and throwing skills as well as playing some games.


The Derbyshire Cricket Foundation (working in partnership with the Lord Taverners) currently delivers a Table Cricket County Competition open to all schools that cater for children with disabilities annually. We have some softball competitions which will be running during the summer which schools are able to attend if they like. The festivals are usually around 10am – 2pm including a lunch break.

Please contact Jess.bakewell@dcfcrcicket.com if your school would be interested in the Table cricket or the SEND Softball competitions.

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