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In the ECB’s recent weekly update for Clubs and Leagues, they provided information on how clubs are being targeted by scams and how they can deal with it.

The information below is provided by the ECB:

We have recently been made aware of a number of clubs being targeted by scams requesting immediate payment of an outstanding bill. These scams and phishing emails have become increasingly sophisticated and we urge clubs to be extremely vigilant and protect themselves against any unsolicited messages requesting payment.

Although most spoofed email falls into the nuisance category and require little action other than deletion, the more malicious varieties can cause serious problems and pose security risks.

Typical tricks employed are to send out emails which contain a malicious link to install malware on your machine or take you to a site which asks you to provide sensitive data.  Another technique is to craft an email containing an attachment which can install malware when opened, or the aim is simply to trick you into transferring money; this particular method can be clever and pernicious.

To help prevent becoming a victim of this type of attack, please always take the following steps when opening an email:

  • Unless you are expecting the email, even if the sender purports to be from the ECB or wider cricket family, do NOT click on the link or download the attachment.  If it is from the ECB and contains an attachment, get in touch with us to ask if this is genuine.
  • In the case of a link hover over it to identify the site – if it is well known to you then access the site from a browser using just the site address; do NOT use the link itself.

Other top tips on how to avoid scams are:-

  • Your bank will never phone or email asking for your pin or passwords
  • Watch out for poor grammar or dodgy spelling
  • Call people back – but find the number independently
  • Be aware or urgent deadlines or being by requests for payment upfront
  • Set up a system that requires at least two people at your club to approve payments

Report the scam to the police through Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040, or report a scam anonymously on its website


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