Chetan Patel

Professional Background

I am a Senior Information Security, Data Regulation and Compliance professional with 20+ years of experience in security, privacy, governance, risk and compliance.

In addition to being a Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), I also hold associate membership of the International Compliance Association (ICA). Past roles have included acting as an Information Security Manager, Money Laundering Risk Officer (MLRO) and Data Protection Officer (DPO).

I also spend a good amount of time working in our Enterprise Diversity and Inclusion framework. I am a committee member in a DEI steering group which is an internal role that I hold with the utmost privilege and respect. We help foster ideas, initiatives and truly open up threads to include our 30,000 plus employees

Why did you become a Trustee?

I believe that DEI helps create and provide pathways and opportunities for people from all backgrounds. I also believe engagement and forums help steer organisations to keep doing what they do with continued respect, understanding and provide people with choices. As a trustee and coupled with my professional background, I want to utilize this mix to positively impact cricket

How do you believe that you can help the Derbyshire Cricket Foundation to achieve its aims and objectives?

Cricket has been a sport that I have loved immensely all my life. Whether that be through playing, coaching, watching or through this exciting aspect of supporting Derbyshire, regional counties and the ECB to change the future of this awesome sport for the better. I want to help grow Derbyshire Cricket Foundations’ activities that support communities in a wholesome and purposeful way.

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