Kit Out Derbyshire - Kit Reuse Scheme

Derbyshire Cricket foundation are delighted to announce the launch of a new kit recycling scheme to reduce cricket kit going to landfill and promote cricket as a game for everyone by allowing kit to be accessed by those who may find cost a barrier to participation.

The aim is to receive good condition cricket kit from garages and storage spaces that have been cluttered with previously loved kit and equipment and enable others to re-use it.

Derbyshire Cricket Foundation will operate a Kit Out Derbyshire shop in the DCF classroom at the Incora County Ground, once a month starting on Saturday December 2nd (12:30-2:30). We will run the shop on the first Saturday of every month (times may vary).

If you have kit you would like to donate, please arrange a suitable time to drop off the kit with Mark Barber ( or 07443229804.

Those wishing to access the kit in our shop can attend during the planned opening times and can contact Mark with any enquiries.

We aim to remove or reduce cost as a barrier to participation and so we welcome support from the Derbyshire cricket Community.

If you would like to find out more about how we’re making cricket a game for everyone, you can sign up to our newsletter here and check our A Game for Everyone section of this website.

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