2021 Return to Cricket Guidance

ECB has updated its Covid Guidance from Monday 17th May 2021

Please remember that this guidance is only in place from Monday 17th May and is not to be followed until this date.

With the positive news from the UK Government confirming England progressing to Step 3 from Monday 17th May, we have updated our guidance to reflect what these changes mean for organised outdoor cricket.  Whilst these changes come into effect from Monday 17th May, it is important to remember that clubs should be encouraged to move at their own pace and only move to the next steps if and when they feel ready to do so.

The main changes under Step 3 guidance are as follows:

On-field Activities: All on-field restrictions remain as previously communicated

Changing rooms: can open where it is safe to do so but social distancing and other mitigation measures must be observed, including restrictions on capacity limits.  (Signage can be found via resource hub.)

Hospitality: Clubhouses and facilities that serve food and drink can open.  At Step 3, both indoor and outdoor hospitality will be permitted. The provision of food and beverage should be as per government guidance on hospitality settings.

Teas: Teas can now by served at clubs where this can be done safely and in compliance with government guidance on hospitality settings.

Spectators: Spectators are permitted at both public and private venues. Spectators must observe social distancing and legal gathering size limits (groups of up to 30 outdoors).

Travel: You can leave your home to exercise and take part in informal and organised cricket. Car sharing is permitted at Step 3 for sport in accordance with the government guidance for safer travel.

The full document of guidance can be found below:

Recreational Cricket COVID Guidance in England – 17th May Update

Please see below a range of resources for clubs to help them get prepared for the start of the season:



Action Checklist for Clubs in England

Risk Assessment:

Recreational Cricket COVID Risk Assessment Template in England


For more information please visit the ECB Website HERE

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